Chair of Entrepreneurship and Finance - Prof. Dr. Eva Lutz


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Postal address:

Prof. Dr. Eva Lutz

Faculty of Business Administration and Economics
40204 Duesseldorf

Office address:

Universitätsstr. 1
40225 Duesseldorf
Buliding 23.32 Floor/Room 00.33


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Eva Lutz

Universitätsstr. 1
Building: 23.32
Floor/Room: 00.31
40225 Düsseldorf
Phone +49 211 81-15525
Fax +49 211 81-15516

Visiting time

On appointment.

Secretary's office

Marina Seibert

Building: 23.32
Floor/Room: 00.33
Phone +49 211 81-15524
Fax +49 211 81-15516

Visiting time

Mon-Thu 9.30am -11:30pm

Responsible for the content: E-MailProf. Dr. Eva Lutz