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MW42 - Entrepreneurial Finance

The aim of the course in the elective module of the master's program is to describe various financing instruments (equity and debt) for owner-managed companies and to analyze the capital structure decision. In addition, the students are explained the levers of working capital management. The students learn to distinguish between different forms of financial forecasting, including cash budgets, real vs. nominal financial forecasting, as well as sales and cost projections. Another area of focus is the creation of an integrated financial model. Furthermore, students receive a comprehensive insight into the fund structures of venture capital and private equity companies and the resulting dynamics from the perspective of fund investors (limited partners) and fund managers (general partners). Another focus is on distinguishing between different performance measures for venture capital and private equity and their advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, students learn to analyze venture capital and private equity transactions in terms of due diligence, investment structuring, monitoring phase, and exit options.

Through the processing of case studies, students learn to apply the theoretical knowledge gained from the lectures directly in a realistic context. In addition, practical lectures help students deepen their learned knowledge.


  • English

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  • The module takes place every winter semester. 

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