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MW98 - Research Seminar in Entrepreneurial Finance

The aim of this research seminar in the Master's program is to provide students with a sound overview of current research in the field of Entrepreneurial Finance. Students should be able to systematize and explain the empirical methods of Entrepreneurial Finance research after completing this course. In addition, they will learn to present and critique the theoretical contribution of research papers. Another focus is that students are able to explain the empirical approach of individual research papers and to identify strengths as well as weaknesses. Through group work, independent study, presentations, and plenary discussions, they will also learn to identify future research needs arising from current research. In addition, they will implement and interpret independent statistical analyses on an entrepreneurial finance topic.


The registration for the module "MW98: Research Seminar in Entrepreneurial Finance" takes place in parallel via the chair at the mail address and via HISLSF.

Please send a short e-mail with the following information:

  • First and last name.
  • Matriculation number.
  • Number of semesters (in relevant winter semester).
  • Relevant previous knowledge (e.g. MW42; MW97; project work in Entrepreneurial Finance).

Register in parallel at HISLSF for MW98. Your participation will be confirmed there.

The number of participants is limited. Participation places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis among registrations with relevant prior experience. Registration for the course is open until the start of the semester.

Please Note:

If you have already succesfully paticipated in MW43, it is not possible to register for MW98.

Course language:
  • English

Responsible persons:

Course offer:

  • This course is offered every winter semester.

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