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Practical seminar on starting a business

The practical seminar on founding a company comprises the courses Startup Workshop (Course 1) and Create Your Tech Startup (Course 2). Business students can take part in one of the two courses during their Master's degree. It is not possible to take both courses.

On this website you will find information and the registration form for Course 1: Startup Workshop. To register for Course 2: Create Your Tech Startup, please visit the following website: https://www.die.hhu.de/unsere-lehre/masterkurse/create-your-tech-startup.

Contents of Course 1: Startup Workshop

In this seminar, students become founders. Based on their own ideas, student teams learn how to found a new company in practical steps. Based on market, customer needs and competition analyses, students develop their own product over the course of the semester, which they test on customers by designing a suitable marketing strategy. At the end of the seminar, students try to convince relevant interest groups of their company through an investor pitch.

Enrollment/target group Course 1: Startup Workshop

The Startup Workshop is open to students of all faculties. Students on business and economics courses can have the course credited as a compulsory elective module. Computer science students take the module as an individual supplement. Students of the remaining degree programs can have the module credited in the Studium Universale area.

Registration for Course 1: Startup Workshop
Please send the application form for non-economists or the application form for economists to  until March 15th.

Course language

  • German

Responsible persons:

Course offer:

  • Every summer semester

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