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Reports for scholarship holders etc.

Please note that we must receive your application at least four weeks before the official deadline!

Procedure: Send an email with the following content to our :

  • Name of the university (s) / foundation (s) to which you are applying
  • Address and contact person of the university (s) / foundation (s) to which the report is to be sent
  • When applying for a master’s program: a detailed description of the program
  • Detailed information on which (formal) requirements the report must meet application or submission deadlines
  • Send us your current transcript of grades  and curriculum vitae (as PDF files attached to your    e-mail)
  • Provide information about your motivation
  • Please also let us know (justification, event, grade) why you prefer our chair. In the following, you will find more information on the individual reviews and the respective application.

To apply for an assessment, you must aim for a degree from Heinrich Heine University and have completed at least the first semester. A university professor can only issue you with an expert opinion if there are objective criteria (e.g. grades from final exams).

Please remember that it takes at least two to three weeks to prepare an expert opinion. We must have received your application in full and with all documents at least four weeks before the official deadline. Therefore, you should plan your requests for reports for your applications as early as possible to avoid time bottlenecks with your application deadlines (especially during the semester break or vacation time, the report can take significantly longer than 14 days).

Responsible for the content: